Banco do Brasil - Visual Identity

Year: 2020
Client: Banco do Brasil
Country: Brazil

One of the largest banks in Brazil understands that it will only be everyone’s bank if it is “each one’s” bank. Therefore, Banco do Brasil decides to approach its public in a new, simpler and more humane identity, with a lot of serotonin. Abandoning the rectangle and the name of its logo, the bank takes on the iconic symbol, which has signed its journey all these years, being recognized nationally by all Brazilians.

Project Coordinators: Helio Carvalho, Ewerton Mokarzel and Rodrigo Valdevite

Visual Identity: Diego Oliveira, Gustavo Vasconcelos and Makoto Saito
Animation: Francisco Fernandes
Typography: Fabio Haag
Illustrations: Estúdio Barca