The Millennial Consumer Preferences Report

Latana Brand Tracking
Berlin, Germany

Generation Y — more commonly referred to as Millennials — is made up of around 1.8 billion people. As the largest generation, Millennials are in their prime working years and command a great deal of economic power.

Better educated than previous generations and very plugged into technology, Millennials are, in many ways, similar to their younger Gen Z counterparts. However, brands should keep in mind that Millennials have lived through countless global catastrophes — financial & political — and many haven't financially recovered from the Great Recession yet.

Thus, brands that aren’t aware of what’s important to this generation will struggle to forge connections. By taking a deep dive into how Millennials feel about a wide variety of important issues, this report should help brands build more informed, effective branding strategies to target Millennial consumers going forward.

Download the report here.

Design Coordinator: Ekaterina Golovanova
Graphic Design: Makoto Saito
Content: Joy Corkery and Cory Schroeder