Itaipava – Visual Identity and Packaging

Itaipava / Grupo Petrópolis

Itaipava was founded in 1993, and is a well-regarded beer brand in Brazil. After the acquisition by Grupo Petrópolis, FutureBrand was engaged to update the visual identity of the brand.  In 2015, FutureBrand created a new positioning for Itaipava. The project's goal was to reinforce the brand personality and bring its customers closer together. 

In 2019, I joined the project to create and implement Itaipava's new positioning "100% Summer" to all products and communication assets. And also, applying the new visuals for the premium, alcohol-free, and malt beer ranges.
Strateg Carolina Lyra, Leticia Shino
 Arnaldo Bastos, Cigo Geara, Makoto Saito, Bruno Estrela
Verbal Identity  Alexandra Ferreira