Latana's Brand Bites

Latana Brand Tracking
Berlin, Germany

Brand Bites are downloadable materials that contain meaningful insights into brand performance using Latana's brand tracking data. Latana reached 1000s of respondents to map core brand KPIs, such as brand awareness, brand consideration, and brand usage, to give brand managers and marketers, the answers to how some of the world's biggest brands are performing. 

In 2022, alongside the designers and content writers of Latana's marketing team, I contributed to designing a fresh layout for the Brand Bites series, making the content itself more eye-catching, enjoyable and readable.

More Brand Bites are available here.

Design Coordinator: Ekaterina Golovanova
Graphic Design: Makoto Saito and Golriz Behgoo
Content: Joy Corkery, Cory Schroeder and Ash Lightfoot