Sexual Wellness Consumer Insights Report

Latana Brand Tracking
Berlin, Germany

Sexual wellness may feel like a taboo subject to some, but for others, it’s just a part of everyday life. And over the last few years, more and more sexual wellness brands have made their way into mainstream consciousness. Therefore, we wanted to know what consumers think about the sexual wellness industry in 2022 to answer questions like — What’s their current level of knowledge? Are they interested to learn more? What drives them to make a purchase?

The Sexual Wellness Consumer Insights Report answers all this and more, with detailed data on various target audiences using demographic breakdowns for age, gender, location, and education levels. Its goal is to provide sexual wellness brands with valuable insights into consumers’ minds — their opinions, needs, and desires — to improve brand messaging, refine their targeting, and even inform product creation.

Download the report here.

Design Coordinator: Ekaterina Golovanova
Graphic Design: Makoto Saito
Content: Joy Corkery and Cory Schroeder