Shunji Nishimura Museum

Fundação Shunji Nishimura / Grupo Jacto

Shunji Nishimura Museum is a place of good stories and good examples. Created in 1998, and refurbished in 2018, the museum's collection depicts the inspiring journey that began with Shunji and his wife Chieko and continues through generations of the Nishimura family.

In order to inspire visitors with the richness of a family's history, the exhibition is presented through the symbolism of a tree, presenting the ideas of growth, strength and continuity.

Director: Ewerton Mokarzel
Project Coordinators: Karen Fontana, Josei Nagayassu and Cristina Penz
Design: Josei Nagayassu and Makoto Saito
Verbal Identity: Cristina Penz
Photography: Fundação Shunji Nishimura (Grupo Jacto)