Leite Moça Nestlé®


Condensed milk Moça - Milkmaid in foreign markets - was already one of the most beloved and recognizable Nestlé brands in Brazil: a category leader that is known for its tradition and a household name among Brazilian families throughout the years.

Despite being a loved brand, Moça needed to set itself apart from its competitors in an ever-changing market. FutureBrand was then called to redesign Moça’s brand and take it to new places. But how can we renew or update something that is so valued for its tradition? To make this possible, we set ourselves to rediscover a top-quality product that is unique in every way: a brand that owns its history while still being able to evolve among its customers.

Moça’s portfolio was united by a single consistent identity, with a delicate color palette and retro graphic elements, such as the clouds and the dot patterns. On the packages, the iconic lady was repositioned to create a brand symbol structure. Inside the label, recipes highlight Moça’s biggest tradition. Moça’s new packages are also easier to open, more functional and convenient. The classic condensed milk is available in two versions: slim, which replaces the previous ‘curved’ can, and tetra top, which replaces the metal can entirely. The product line of sweets and desserts also inspires sweet moments in the kitchen.

The updated portfolio allowed Moça to retain its market share and keep its position as the leading branding of its category, while also preserving its history and tradition. The new packaging was also recognized by ABRE (Brazilian Packaging Association), one of the country’s most important awards for packaging design and innovation.

Creative Director: Ewerton Mokarzel
Visual Identity: Cassiano Takahashi, Thomas Debeus, Makoto Saito and Rafael Mathias