Year: 2016
Client: Oi
Country: Brazil
Made by: Wolff Olins and FutureBrand São Paulo
Creative team: Jonas Pacheco, Ramon Anjos, Thiago Barcelos, João Marcopito, Danny Zappa, Makoto Saito, Alexandre Rizzutti, Diones Calisto

Established in 1998, Oi (which means “Hi” in Portuguese) is the largest telecommunications company both in Brazil and South America, with 74.7 million customers.
Oi offers cable TV, cellular and landline phone, and internet. Perhaps most of us (specifically those living outside of Brazil) know Oi as one of Wolff Olins’ popular projects and one of the earlier entries — 2001 — in the flexible identity approach. This new iteration has been designed by both Wolff Olins and the Sao Paulo office of FutureBrand.

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